Oprah has made the official announcement.  She is back over 200 lbs.  I watch her show quite frequently and it has become very noticeable that her weight has once again dramatically increased since her 2006 weight of 160. Her current weight and body fat percentage would put her in the obese category and at put her at a much greater risk for heart disease, high blood pressure and cholesterol and diabetes.

She writes in her new January O magazine that “She has fallen off the wagon,” that “I am very mad at myself,” and “I’m embarrassed.”

So if I was Oprah’s Fitness and Nutrition Coach, here are my top 5 things I would have her do:

1.  I would have her STOP making excuses and take some responsibility for her actions. She also likes to blame her thyroid condition. She at one time admitted that once she was diagnosed she was afraid to exercise and ate whatever she wanted.  Admitting that it is her actions that got her to where she is and not someone else or something else in her body.  I am not saying the slow thyroid isn’t a real issue with someone and it can make it hard to lose weight, but there is still a lot of things Oprah could and should be doing to combat the fat.


 2.  I would take her off the long slow boring cardio routine.  From what I have seen and hear, she tries to walk for 30-60 minutes a day (when she was exercising).  I would have Oprah doing shorter more intense cardio sessions and have her do some incline speed walking or running. This would stimulate her metabolism and also be a shock to her system to burn more fat.


3.  I would have her doing at least 3-4 days a week of high intensity circuit training with weights. Thirty minutes of total body resistance training with heavier weights will be more efficient for her and will shift her body into a fat burning mode. From this circuit training she would also tone the muscles and create feminine shapes.


4.  I would have Oprah eating supportive meals every 3 hours six days a week and allow a one day a week reward day where there are no rules and she can eat whatever she wants. She will feel so lousy after over indulging reward day, that she won’t want to eat that junk for another week.


5.  Lastly, I would have Oprah reexamine her goals and what she really wants from her life. This will remind her WHY she wants to lose weight and how her life would be different because of it.  I would have her understand about how bad and uncomfortable her life would be if she continues to gain weight. I would have her see how much different her life could be if she lost 50 lbs.


Well there it is! My 5 Ways to get Oprah back to her to a healthy weight.


These 5 steps will work for anyone looking to lose fat and keep it off for good!



 Your Fitness and Nutrition Coach,

~David Modderman









Is your goal to lose fat in 2009?

If you answered yes…….I have on big step that you must do if you are serious about fat loss….


If you skip breakfast you are setting yourself up for failure.


1) Eating Breakfast kick starts your metabolism first thing in the morning.

2) Eating breakfast can stablize your blood sugar and energy for the day

3) Eating breakfast will control your appetite for the next meal so you do not overeat.

4) Eating breakfast will help prevent losing lean muscle.

Breakfast is still the most important meal of the day no matter what your goal is!

What should you eat for breakfast for the best results?

Come back tomorrow to find out! :-)

Your Fitness and Nutrition Coach,

~David Modderman


Weight loss is always a New Year’s resolution in January……….

Come New Year most go on a low calorie diet and do cardio/aerobic exercise like crazy in hopes to see that number on the scale go down…..

Unfortunately, this is the wrong approach…….

Weight Loss on the almighty scale can consist of 3 things:

1) Water

2) Muscle

3) Fat

If you are not exercising and eating correctly most of your weight loss will consist of water and muscle…..

Water is temporary and meaningless yet shows up on the scale! But losing muscle will prevent your body from burning fat efficiently! If you are doing anything that’s causing you to lose muscle you are setting yourself up for long term failure…..and you will gain the weight back.

Diets and cardio are NOT the answer…….

The Right exercise and the Right Nutrition are!!

It’s about fat loss people not about weight loss….

Anyone can lose weight…but can YOU lose fat?

Your Fitness and Nutrition Coach,

~David Modderman


When you’re shopping for foods on a fat loss program there is 3 food ingredients you should be trying to avoid at all costs:

1) High Fructose Corn Syrup- an unnatural sweetener made from fructose and corn. It’s injected into food to increase shelf life and to make it taste sweeter so you will buy more of it.

2) Bleached/Enriched Flour- flour that’s been bleached and stripped of fiber and vitamins and then some of the nutrients are added back in so it can legally be sold as food.

3) Hydrogenated Oils- trans fat the #1 cause of heart disease in a America.

-Foods containing these ingredients are unnatural and your body will easily store them as fat. Foods that are more natural will be used more efficiently as fuel and not stored.

Some foods contain all 3 of these ingredients…so be careful and read your food labels!

Your Fitness and Nutrition Coach,

~David Modderman


After a long day at work……..

Or a long day of taking care of the kids……

We have all said this before: “I’m too tired to work out”

Can you be too tired to workout?

Yes and no…….if your sleep deprived yes..if your just tired from a long day no….

Exercise will actually increase your metabolism and your body temperature..this will lead to a increase in energy and alertness.

I have never heard anyone after a great workout say…”Why did I do that?”

But I have heard plenty of people say: “I’m too tired to workout”

“If you’re too tired to workout then you’re too tired to sleep on the couch and watch television!”

Working out will give you energy……laying on the couch will make you more tired!


Your Fitness and Nutrition Coach

~David Modderman



Are you looking to change your body in 2009?

Is this the year you are finally going to make that change?

If your in the Grand Rapids area I have the answer for you…..

Coming in January!

The 10 week Metabolism Makeover!

  • Lose pounds and pounds of body fat
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There are days that are not good…………

We all have them……….

But even when days are bad you can always make the next day better…..

You just need to believe in yourself…….

You can accomplish any goal you desire……believe …and put forth the effort……and you shall achieve……..

Your Fitness and Nutrition Coach,

~David Modderman


This is the season for lots of cooking and baking…..

Just a quick note to let you know that these tasty treats can add up really quick…….

Cookies and baked goods are very high in calories and saturated fat.


I would recommend a healthy alternative to the cookies in the healthy “Craver” bar.

You can find the bar here:


These bars are low in fat and all natural.

Your Fitness and Nutrition Coach,

~David Modderman




It’s December………………

Are you waiting like everyone else?

Waiting till January to starting eating better and exercising?

One of the top News Years resolutions every year is to lose weight, get in shape, and get healthy. Yet most fail to follow through with this in January maybe they do for a few weeks and then eventually they get busy and quit all together.

Do you want to fail like everyone else?

Then maybe it’s time to STOP waiting and START doing!

Today is just as a good day as any to start that workout and that eating better.

Just think if you start now you will already have made it a habit by January and you will already have 1 month of results before anyone else. :-)

Your Fitness and Nutrition Coach,

~David Modderman