being healthy


 Two months ago we brought a new puppy home. She is a yellow lab named Molly. I never knew how much work this puppy would be! She has now become the center of my day. Her whole life revolves around playing, eating, and sleeping (sometimes not enough sleeping for me). All she wants to do is run, play tug of war, tag, eat and rest. She is supposed to eat 3 times a day. Every other day I feed her 5 times in smaller portions to she how her energy levels respond.

 After playing with her a few hours a day I have come to realize she is probably working out harder than me on a daily basis! This little 20 lb puppy is out working me! I have even come to think she is even eating better than me. To me that’s where I draw the line. Those who know me know I take pride not only in exercise but in proper nutrition. I think she has set the example for all of us as silly as it may seem.

 Little Molly exercises everyday without being told, she eats balanced healthy meals 3-5 times a day and she gets plenty of water and rest everyday.

 It’s all about Lifestyle and consistency everyone!  It’s not about how quick you can lose weight or how you can take 3 weeks off from exercise every 2 months. It’s also not how good you eat every 3 days. No one will be perfect but you need to be consistent, and work towards being healthy everyday not for only 5 days or even 10 weeks at a time.

-David Modderman