Mistake 5#- Not Using Proper Form and Resting Too Much.

One of the biggest mistakes I see and have seen in the gym is people working out and not using proper form when they lift weights. These mistakes are usually made using free weights but I see them made on cable machines, and stationary weight machines as well.

Proper exercise execution and form is crucial for not only safety but seeing the best possible results from your workout.

The biggest form mistakes I see are:

1) Swinging and using momentum during the lifting and lowering of the weight. Though this will allow you to handle more weight but this type of form will get you no where as far as the results go.

2) The tempo of the movement is too fast and momentum takes over. Lifting too fast again prevents you from focusing on the muscle and only the movement. The muscle is always more important than the movement.

3) Using your lower back and lower body to help you through the movement. When someone struggles to lift a weight or to get a few extra reps they tend to use their lower back to help them. This is a recipe for disaster. You need to drop the weight and use proper form.

4) Bouncing the weight off your chest. This is very common when I see someone doing barbell chest press. If you have to bounce the weight then you are using too much weight. Bouncing the weight prevents you from really using all the muscle fibers in your chest and allows momentum to help you.

5) Not fully extending at the top of the lift and not coming far enough down to get the most efficient range of motion. Proper range of motion allows you to work all the muscle fibers in that muscle efficiently. Partial reps are not recommended for most people.

6) Locking the joints out on every lift. Locking your legs out at the top of the squat or locking your arms out at the bottom of a bicep curl. The problem with locking the joint out is one it puts more stress on the joint and two you lose the tension on the muscle and this makes the exercise less effective.

7) Not keeping core tight and looking down while doing standing exercises. During a squat its very common for someone to use their lower back and knees by looking down and leading with their knees and shoulders. This will put stress on their back and knees. Keeping core tight, looking straight forward, and sitting away from your knees (leading with glutes) will allow you to the squat safely and effectively and put stress on the muscle and not the spine, lower back, knees and joints. (see photo above)

I always tell my clients “You need to focus on the Muscle not the motion” You should always know what muscle you’re working and focus on the muscle while lifting and lowering the weight. If you’re not feeling it in that muscle while you’re lifting and lowering the weight then you’re probably not working it very efficiently. Any one can do the motion and movement of lifting the weight but if you are not focusing on the muscle you’re really not doing much.

Resting Too Much.

Another mistake I see in the gym is people resting way too much between sets of an exercise and between exercises. If your number one goal is strength and size resting will allow you to lift more weight. However, it will also affect your endurance and you keeping your heart rate up. So if you want to increase your strength more rest is needed yet I wouldn’t recommend resting more than 90 seconds maximum. If your goal is not strength and size there is no reason to rest so much. Ninety percent of the people that come to see me want to get in better shape, improve their stamina, lose fat, or get ripped. Yet I see so many people at the gym with these goals doing a set and resting for a minute or more. I recommend making your time and workout more efficient by doing super sets, or circuits. This will allow you to go from exercise to exercise and rest a muscle group with out resting your heart. This will also allow you to get a great intense workout and not to mention you will burn more calories, challenge your heart, and get your workout in a much quicker period of time .(30 minutes or less)

This concludes “The 5 Biggest Mistakes People Make In the Gym.” If you were making some of these mistakes I hope you will apply the new information you have learned and make your workout routine more efficient and effective!

Now let’s go get it!

Look for the next series “The 5 Biggest Nutrition Mistakes People Make In and Out Of the Kitchen” coming soon!

Your Fitness and Nutrition Coach

~David Modderman


Grocery cart

Now a days it’s so difficult to go to the grocery store to find and buy healthy natural foods. It seems like a large percentage of the foods now are prepackaged processed foods that will just add to your waist line.

The foods you want to buy are there….Unfortunetly, most do not know what to avoid and what to look for.

I have been taking my clients to the Supermarket for years and educating them on what to look for and what to want to avoid if they want to improve health, lose fat and build lean muscle. They are usally shocked when I show them how many deceptive foods labels are out there and how this is killing there weight loss goals?

Did you know there are foods are that are labeled sugar free that are LOADED WITH SUGAR!?

Did you know there a foods labled fat free that are 100% FAT!?

I recently took 94.5 Thunders Country’s Own “Flounder” to the supermarket to help educate him on what he should be looking for and what he should be avoiding when starting his new “Weight Loss Journey”

You Can View This Video Below:

Do you really know what your buying at the grocery store? I have only met a few who really do……..

If your not sure….I can help you!

Contact me today to schedule a Grocery Store Tour For You, and Your Friends and Family!

Your Fitness and Nutrition Coach,

~David Modderman


Is any other food or drink reported to have as many health benefits as green tea? The Chinese have known about the health benefits of green tea since ancient times, using it to treat everything from headaches to depression. 

Here are just a few health conditions in which drinking green tea is known to be helpful:

  • cancer
  • rheumatoid arthritis
  • high cholesterol levels
  • cardiovascular disease
  • infection
  • preventing tooth decay
  • impaired immune function

What makes green tea so special? 

The secret of green tea lies in the fact it is rich in catechin polyphenols, particularly epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG). EGCG is a powerful anti-oxidant: besides inhibiting the growth of cancer cells, it kills cancer cells without harming healthy tissue.

 Benefits of Green Tea for fitness and fat Loss:

  • Appetite Control.
  • Increase in metabolism during and after exercise.

How much green tea should you drink?

I recommend 4-5 cups of freshly brewed green tea a day. Bottled green tea is not recommended. Bottled green tea contains less antioxidants and usually more sugar and additives (if sugar free).

Drinking non calorie beverages like green tea and water will surely aid you in reaching your fat loss goals!

~David Modderman



 Fat loss doesn’t have to be that difficult. Try these simple steps and you’ll see just how easy it can be.

 1. Eat smaller and more frequent meals – not only does this increase your metabolism every time you eat something, your body can more break down smaller meals better. Instead of having 3 large meals in a day, try to break them up into 5 or 6 smaller meals.

 2. Drink more water and drink less pop – regular water intake helps to flush away waste products in the body. Get at least six to eight 8 oz. glasses per day. An easy way to do this is to keep a water bottle handy and drink from it frequently.

 3. Move a little more throughout the day.- Park your car farther a way at work or when you go shopping.

 4. Eat more lean protein – sources of protein include foods such as lean poultry, fish, eggs, lowfat dairy, beans, lean red meats, etc. Your body burns more calories digesting protein than either carbohydrates or fats. Protein also helps to support your muscle tissue, which burns calories all day long!

 5. Take the stairs instead of the elevator – any time you can add in a little more physical activity, do it. This doesn’t mean you need to slog up 20 flights of stairs. Even a flight or two done regularly will add up.

 6. Don’t wait till your hungry to eat – when you get hungry you will have a much greater tendency to overeat when you do finally get something to eat. As well, because your body is starting to go into starvation mode, it will be much more likely to hold onto whatever you give it.

 7. Order small portions at restaurants – it’s tough to order small french fries when “supersizing” your order is such a great “value.” Take note, however, your real savings will occur in the calories that don’t end up on your backside.

 8. Eat more fiber – fiber is very filling. By eating more fiber you will find yourself full sooner. This feeling of fullness will last a long time as well.

 9. Wait 20 minutes between servings – your brain takes at least 20 minutes to register that you’re full. By waiting that long, you’ll give your brain a chance to realize that you don’t really need any more food.

 10. Reward yourself on your nutrition plan – one thing I always make my clients promise is that they will reward themselves on their nutrition plan. The only thing I ask that they do is to reward ONLY when they have planned to reward. By planning when you are going to eat the foods you crave, you take back control of your eating habits.

 This way you no longer “give in” to your cravings. You “reward yourself” for sticking to proper nutritional habits. Do this once or twice a week and you will feel far more in control of your eating.

 In conclusion, if you follow even a few of these 10 easy tips in the long term, you will certainly notice a difference in your overall weight and health.

Will these 10 things be enough to reach goals alone? No, but it’s a great place to start!

~David Modderman



 Why do you procrastinate and put things off? Is it pure laziness? Is it you are not serious about getting things done and getting up and moving?


For some people I truly believe the reason they procrastinate is fear. You are afraid you will fail. So if you don’t try you don’t fail. But if you don’t try you also will never succeed.


My biggest pet peeve as a Fitness Professional and Health Coach is someone who says they are going to do something then they don’t do it. We are all guilty of it. Even myself. There isn’t anyone out there that doesn’t procrastinate in some form.


But procrastination will kill your chances of ever being successful with your fitness goals.


It seems like almost everyday I hear someone say “I’m serious about this David” “I really am I need to do this”. “I am going to exercise 3 times a week and eat better” Then one week later they have stopped exercising all together and they have hit the fast food drive thru 3 times in 3 days!


Procrastination is holding so many people back! It is holding you back!


If I was paid a $1 every time someone told me they were going to start their workout on Monday, or next week I would be a rich man. I hear this very often “I will start doing this on Monday” Will you??


If you’re saying this to yourself “I will start on Monday” or “I will start tomorrow” you will NEVER reach your goals. Your dream will always be in the future that you will never reach, because it is always tomorrow.


You know what really drives me crazy when you procrastinate? You use it as an excuse to eat bad the rest of the day and you are constantly telling yourself you will be good tomorrow. Will you?


But what happens tomorrow? You use the same excuse! You just keeping saying to yourself “I’ll start tomorrow” but you never do.


“Putting off a hard thing makes it impossible”- George Horace Lorimar”


Tomorrow is never a good time to start. When is? RIGHT NOW!!!


I don’t care if you’re eating a bowl of ice cream right now! If you start thinking you will be good tomorrow you have already abandoned the commitment of eating well today.


•Stop thinking what am I going to do tomorrow and start thinking what am I going to do RIGHT NOW!


•The workouts, exercise programs and nutrition advice I can give you is the map you need to get to your desired destination, but it you keep putting off getting the map from me you will never get there. If you never learn how to read the map you will never get to where you want to go either. If I have already given you the map you MUST follow it everyday or you will be lost.


“Don’t wait: the time will never be ‘just right.’ Start were you stand, and work with whatever tools you may have at your command, and better tools will be found as you go along”– Napoleon Hill

If you want to stop procrastinating and take control please schedule your first session now!


Maybe it’s something you do not want to hear, but it’s something you NEED to hear. 

I’m here to help you but you have to let me and stop putting this off!

Just remember….. If I didnt care I wouldn’t bother posting this! 

Talk to ya later Procrastinater! :-)




















 Obesity is on the rise, not only is the adult population becoming more obese, but the children population as well.  What is the major cause? Inactivity and diet.


With all this inactivity and obesity on the rise, many doctors and fitness experts are recommending walking for fat loss. Some will even say that walking is the best exercise for fat loss. I am strongly against this and I will explain why.


 Walking is not effective for fat loss, if your main goal is fat loss, and all you are doing is walking, you could be missing the boat! Do not misunderstand me; I’m not saying walking is not beneficial. What I am saying is if your primary goal is fat loss then there are much better choices that will give you more effective workouts of burning fat and also achieving better results. The main benefits of walking, are increased blood flow, better recovery, and a strengthen immune system. There are many reasons why walking is not the best exercise for fat loss and here are a few:


1)      Walking burns minimal calories

The lower the intensity of an exercise the less calories it burns it a given amount of time. For example you would burn many more calories biking at a higher intensity than you would over 45 minutes of easy strolling.


2)      Walking does not do much for your metabolism

Another disadvantage to walking is when you exercise at a low intensity it only has a small effect on your metabolism, your metabolism (the rate in which your body burns through food) might stay elevated for 60-90 minutes after he walk. In turn high intensity cardio can increase your metabolism for up 4-24 hrs, if your doing cardio in morning this will stoke your metabolism for the rest of the day!


3)      Walking does not deplete your muscle glycogen stores

Unfortunately walking does not deplete your bodies’ muscle glycogen stores (stored energy). When you deplete these stores you need to replace them with food and this food is used for recovery and stored in the muscles. If you do not deplete these glycogen stores, later day if you have a meal it has a very high chance as being stored as body fat.


 So why is so many doctors and fitness experts recommending walking for fat loss? One big but sad reason is people do not want to hear that actually have to work hard to see results, so some activity is better than none. Which I do agree with some activity IS better than none, but if you are going to spend the time to exercise, you can use your time much more wisely and get a much better workout with and high intensity workout. The body does burn more fat for fuel when exercising at an easier pace. Most of us have seen on some of the cardio machines in our health clubs that there is a “fat burning zone” this zone is usually lets you exercise at a very easy pace. What you need to realize is the energy expended is low that even though its mostly fat it is so minimal you would have to do this exercise for hour on hours to see any fat loss, and doing this much aerobic activity can compromise muscle.


 Performing high intensity cardio/aerobic activity is much more effective at burning excess stored body fat. There have been several studies that have been done to prove this to be true. One study they compared a group of people who did moderate aerobic activity for 45 minutes for a given exercise 4 times a week for 6 weeks, and second group who performed the same exercise for 15 minutes at a high intensity 4 times a week for 6 weeks. They did before and after health assessments, which included body fat analysis, and they found that the group that did high intensity lost 9 times as much body fat!



Have you ever looked at a marathon walker, and runner, a sprinter? Their body compositions are completely different. The marathon runner is almost sickly thin, carries very little muscle and more body fat, because of hours and hours of overtraining and low intensity exercise and his muscle has been used for energy. If you look at a sprinter he carries much more muscle at a lot less fat. He spends his time doing short, but high intensity runs, which keep his body fat low and maintains his muscle.


 So what should you be your main goals if you want to shed those extra pounds   of fat?


 1) Do intense cardio aerobic 2-4 times a week

 2) Maintain blood sugar levels to minimize storing of new fat

         3) Maintain lean tissue through appropriate nutrition.


 I know some of you are thinking, I cannot do high intense cardio/aerobics because I have a bad knee or back. Well there is no need to worry because the intensity is based on your fitness level. For example if you’re currently walking…doing a fast walk up and down hills might be high intensity for you. If your currently doing the elliptical for 45 minutes maybe its time to do it for 15 minutes but at a much harder pace. So don’t feel you have to start running, just slowly try to increase the intensity of your workouts and decreasing the time. You have the choice of either working harder or longer, long term working out harder will give you better results


Simple ways to increase the intensity of your workouts:


1) Increase your speed

2) Use incline or hills

3) Perform intervals

4)  Increase resistance


Some exercises are better suited for others, but the key is to increase the intensity of the exercise you prefer this will make the exercise much more productive.


Just be careful as with any changes to your program, just because high intensity workouts burn more fat, it doesn’t me I suggest doing it everyday, this can lead to overtraining and possible injury, and worse case scenario muscle breakdown.