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2) Cutting Out Carbs with no strategy in place.

The low carb diet craze has been in effect for over decade. Some of the more popular diets like Atkins and South Beach were two of the better known diets where you eliminate the majority of starchy carbohydrates in your diet and some things like fruit as well. This is a major mistake as an effective solution to long term fat loss. Why are carbs so important?

Carbohydrates are your bodies preferred source of energy. Meaning for you to have steady energy and blood sugar throughout the day you need to have carbohydrates in our diet. Why have the low carb diets worked so well for people to lose weight in the short term?

When you eat carbohydrates your body will use them for immediate energy/fuel and also store them as glycogen in your muscle in your liver for reserved energy. Most people are not aware that glycogen holds and attracts water. For every gram of glycogen your muscle holds it attracts 2.4 grams of water.

So when you eat carbohydrates your body will instantly hold more water. When you suddenly just stop eating carbs your body will hold less water. Make sense? So people who weigh themselves daily after cutting out carbs will see a 5-10 pound weight loss in just a few days. So in your mind Carbs =make you fat. However, you’re not losing fat your losing water. Water is temporary and meaningless in regards to weight loss. Your goal is to lose that ugly fat around your waist and behind and not just weight correct? Then you need to stop just cutting out carbs and have a real strategy to lose fat and keep it off.

The first strategy of carbs is to make sure you are getting the right ones. There are some carbs that are very healthy for you and needed and some that are very bad for you. You want to get all natural non processed carbs which are high in fiber and low in sugar

Good sources of carbs are foods like: sweet potatoes, apples, old fashioned steel cut oatmeal, and broccoli. (almost all fruits and veggies)

Bad sources: candy, potato chips, donuts (pretty much any food with simple sugar and white flour)

What if I told you carbs are essential for long term fat loss? There is no magic to just cutting out carbs. Just cutting out carbs with no strategy in place can really backfire.

A few things will happen on a very low carb diet:

1) Lose water weight (which is temporary and meaningless)
2) Mess up metabolism and lose lean muscle mass which will lead to more fat storage
3) Slow production of thyroid hormone

I educate my clients on how to eat the RIGHT carbs the RIGHT way to reach whatever goal they have whether it is to lose lots of fat or gain lots of muscle. Eating carbohydrates to see the best results and reach your goals requires proper knowledge and strategy. Do you know eating the right carbs at the right times during the day on a fat loss plan can accelerates fat loss by 50%? You need to learn not how to cut carbs but HOW to strategically manipulate/cycle them for the best results.

Contact me now to learn how to cycle and manipulate carbs to increase fat loss by 50%!

Your Fitness and Nutrition Coach,

~David Modderman



“Eat Right and Exercise” I am sure you have heard this phrase a number of times.

Whether it be from the doctor or friends it is phrase that has been used religiously in our society.

Very often when you visit a doctor or person in the medicial field. They often give you a prescription to help lower high blood pressure, lower cholesterol and diabetes, and even help lose weight. They don’t always focus FIRST on treating disease and health ailments with exercise and nutrition like I would suggest. In my professional opinion the right nutrition and exercise should be always the first option before any medication is prescribed.

However, if you have a good doctor he/she will also suggest you try to treat your issue with “Eating Right and Exercise.” Yet they really never seem to tell you what eat right and exercise really means and should mean to you.

What should “eating right” really mean for you?

I recently recording a video to explain what “Eating Right” should mean to you.

You can find the video below:

Look For Part -2 Before the weekend “What The Right Exercise” should be for you and your goals.

Your Fitness and Nutrition Coach,
~David Modderman


Ever find yourself in the same old rut when it comes to your workouts? Doing the same workout over and over is not only
boring—it also slows down your results by not giving your muscles a chance to recover. You need to alternate your exercise routine, for example I have my clients switch their program around a minumum every 2-4 weeks but usaully every other week we change something about the workout around. This can be done very easily by changing your reps, sets, rest periods, and even your tempos around. It doesn’t mean you need to do a different workout each day but the more you can mix it up and keep your body guessing the more your body will respond.

One thing to keep in mind is your body responds best when you focus on one goal at a time. If you want to lose fat then you must put all your focus into an effective exercise and nutrition plan to lose fat. I see far too many people wanting to lose fat but not doing a workout or weekly exercise routine that is most effective to reach this goal. Running marathons, triathlons, and taking aerobic classes will most not likely get you leaner and help you keep it off. But the right balance of resistance training, interval training, and the right balance of nutrition and calories will.

Mix up your workout, keep your body guessing, but make sure you have a clear focus on what your goal really is and have a clear path on how to get there!

Your Fitness and Nutrition Coach,

~David Modderman



Ahhhh Christmas is coming and so is the food…….and we can’t forget New Year’s Eve dinner and drinks and also New Years day football and food…….

With all the big meals and gatherings coming up in the next 2 weeks it will be easy to make the wrong food choices and put on some extra holidays pounds.

That is why I created 10 page e-book all about preventing the Holiday weight gain entitled “The Healthy Holiday Eating Guide”. You can download this great ebook for FREE here:

Your Fitness and Nutrition Coach,

~David Modderman




Last night my date and I went out to dinner. We had a nice meal at the Winter Inn in Greenville, MI. This was our first time there. It was an interesting atmosphere keeping in mind the place was built in 1902.

Not to mention in my opinion it could be haunted. :-)

After our dinner was done we are talking and I was expecting our waitress to bring us the check. But instead our waitress comes out to greet us with not a check but a dessert plate with 4 types of desserts. She doesn’t come out and ask “are you guys interested in dessert?” Or after asking us if we wanted dessert and we said yes then she could have brought out the plate. She just comes out and shoves it in our face like “here do guys like temptation?” Was I tempted? Never… dessert has never been my thing and I had a nice sweet potato and chicken breast for dinner and was perfectly satisifed.

Did I buy my date want dessert? Thats really not important is it? :-) What is important is that unhealthy food is being pushed on us everyday and the person doing it doesn’t think twice.

It could be a waitress who has no concern maybe someone at the table is trying to eat healthy and make better choices. She just wants a bigger tip….(she didn’t get one). 

It doesnt matter if its a owner of a fast food chain who doesn’t care that he/she is tempting people through advertisment and serving unheathly food to billions of people worldwide.

Watching the Texas and Oklahoma football game and seeing that 98% of the food available to buy at the stadium is deep fried and has no nutritional value.

Yes, I agree no one is making us eat this food, junk food doesn’t tempt me. But I know for billions of others it does..and ITS EVERYWHERE! Sometimes its the only choice!

I predict soon obesity will be the #1 death in the United States.

Does this bother you?

It should……..


Your Fitness and Nutrition Coach

~David Modderman