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Proper nutrition is still the missing piece for most people and why they are not seeing great results after working out consistently every week. Whether you’re looking to just firm up, lose 50 pounds of fat, or build more lean tissue having proper supportive nutrition is a MUST. Over the next six weeks I will be focusing on the top 6 nutritional mistakes people make outside the workout.

1) Mistake: Focusing only on calories and not the ingredients
Over the last 12 years I have talked to and worked with thousands of people on their nutrition and eating habits. Even after so many years of nutrition coaching I still have people coming in asking the same questions and making the same mistakes nutritionally. There seems to be a new diet book or program out every month. Yet almost all diets focus on calories first and ingredients second or not all.

This is a problem and I will explain why:

A calorie is a unit of heat or energy. Every time you move you conduct heat and energy therefore your body actually needs calories to function and yes to burn more calories. Most people when I say the word “calorie” associate this with something negative. Many are wired to believe just by watching how many calories they eat alone is a successful weight loss plan. This is flawed because one would assume and are taught a calorie is a calorie. This is not true. Maybe, a calorie is a calorie outside the body but as soon as it’s put in your mouth and swallowed/digested it changes.

For example a 270 calorie Snickers candy bar compared to a 270 calorie 7 ounce grilled skinless chicken breast are equal in calories but do you think they are digested the same? Do you think they affect your metabolism and blood sugar levels the same? NO!

A candy bar will have a big ingredient list (many unnatural) and it will most likely contain a lot of fat (some trans fat –hydrogenated oils -the number one cause for heart disease) and lots of sugar, this sugar will spike your blood sugar levels and then it will crash it leaving you feeling like you want to take a nap about 15-30 minutes after eating it. After your blood sugar crashes you will eventually crave more sugar or fat to bring blood sugar back to normal…unfortunately blood sugar will never stabilize from this food. The candy bar contains fat and sugar and comes with very little natural ingredients so this will have little or no effect on your metabolism. (0-.5% increase on metabolism during digestion)

Snickers ingredients are: milk chocolate (sugar, cocoa butter, chocolate, skimmed milk, lactose, milkfat, soy lecithin, artificial flavor), peanuts, corn syrup, sugar, skimmed milk, butter, partially hydrogenated soybean oil, lactose (a milk product), salt, egg whites and artificial flavor.

So let’s now take a look at that 270 calorie 7 ounce grilled chicken breast. The chicken breast will contain mostly lean protein; it has only one ingredient CHICKEN. It has little fat and contains almost all protein (the most thermic macro nutrient)so this would literally have a very positive leveling effect on your blood sugar give you stable energy and increase your metabolism by up to 20-40% during digestion. The chicken breast will also fill up you longer than any candy bar would.

Still think a calorie is just a calorie? If your goal is long term fat loss the ingredients are much more important than the just calories. Most fail to realize how many calories they actually need to burn fat it’s probably a lot more than your 800-1200 calorie diet plan, and if this all you are all eating good luck losing fat and keeping it off for the rest of your life.
If you’re buying 100 snack packs of cookies thinking this is a good way to lose fat (not just weight) and keep it off you are severely misinformed. One hundred calorie pack of cookies or a 200 calories serving of natural hummus and carrots which is better for weight loss? The hummus of course! Look at the ingredients first not just the calories!

Avoid anything with a long list of unnatural ingredients no matter what the calories are and what it says about being healthy on the front of the package. You should be looking for and eating real whole natural foods and ingredients.

Look for Mistake #2 next week!

Your Fitness and Nutrition Coach,
~David Modderman


I see it everyday………

Are you really busy? Always on the go?

Do you seem to put others problems in front of your own?

Maybe it is time you start taking care of yourself.

It might sound selfish but you’re worth your own time!

If you haven’t given yourself some “Me time” in a while then you are not in control of your life. Your life is in control of you!

So I challenge you to set aside an hour a day for you and do something that you enjoy and that is good for you!

Things like:

-Taking a walk

-Taking a bath ( and meditating)

-Working out

-Cooking a healthy meal for you and your family

Don’t just say you are going to do it, you need to actually put it in your daily planner and literally schedule it in!

If you do not set aside time for yourself, then who will??


~David Modderman


I spend a lot of time telling people how they should eat and and how they should exercise. I have pretty much dedicated my life to it! Please do not misunderstand me I love helping people and getting them great results. I get flooded with questions every week from family, friends, and even people I  have never met. Some of them get what I say and actually follow it. These are the people that see great results and really get lean and healthy. More however seem to ignore my advice or try to do it their own way.

So I thought sometimes maybe it would be easier to tell people what NOT to do and just maybe this will make the message a little more clear.

So this is 20 things you SHOULD do if you want to be fat and unhealthy.

If you find you do some of these things and if this lists offends you. I can’t be sorry. Why? Because these are all things you can control with some effort and dedication. You are reading this because you want to learn and be healthy so now you can use this as a tool to do exactly that!


1) Make sure you skip breakfast, and try to eat only 1-2 meals a day. If possible starve your self all day and have a really big meal at night.

2) Make sure if you do eat breakfast that you eat lots of high fat and sugary foods like syrup, white flour pancakes and Captain Crunch cereal and donuts. Do not forget the whole milk!

3) Try not to move very much during the day. If you work at a desk please try to stay there as much as possible. Make sure you park as close to the entrance of work as possible. If you work past the first floor you must take the elevator to and from your office.

4) If you eat lunch make sure its fast food only! Do not pack your lunch by hand or prepare a healthy meal in advance.

5) Make sure you avoid any kind of fruits and vegetables throughout the day. But if you decide to eat fruit make sure its canned and covered in heavy syrup!


Look for more tomorrow! 😉

-David Modderman