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If you post a question on “How Do I Lose Weight And Get In Shape?” on Facebook or any social media outlet. You will get advice from about 30+ unqualified people. People will try to sell you on weight loss shakes, energy drinks, body wraps, weight loss challenges, and DVD programs. Yet do these people have your best interest in mind? Or do they see dollar signs as soon as you post your question?

You need to ask yourself:

1) Are these people fit and healthy themselves?

2) Do these people have any qualifications and social proof (other than a recycled overused picture of someone they never met)

3) Is this person really interested in helping or is their main objective to sell you their inferior product or service at a superior price?

Since, I entered the Fitness and Nutrition field over 15 years ago I have dedicated myself to talk the talk and walk the walk.

Why you should trust myself and my services:

1) I eat and exercise the same way I preach others should. I don’t say you should eat healthy, frequent and balanced meals from the most natural sources and ingredients possible…and then and turn around and eat junk food and fast food every day (or ever). I recommend cooking, preparing, planning and eating most of your meals at home and I also do it myself day in and day out. I dont push or sell overpriced low quality supplements that you don’t need. (I do however recommend a quality whole food vitamin and quality protein powder that could conveniently fill in the gaps of your nutrition if your diet plan is lacking protein and vitamins- However they are NOT needed to be successful). I don’t recommend soda/pop, alcohol, drugs, pre/post workout supplements, soy protein, energy drinks, and also I abstain from them all myself. Though you might catch me once or twice a month having whatever I want when I eat out at a restaurant or event I still almost always do my best to make a good choice. :-)

2) I have plenty of success stories and social proof from my fitness and nutrition programs. Go to my webpage
www.davidmodderman.com and you will see dozens of real people and clients with success stories, before and after pictures, and video testimonials of real people sharing their success with my programs and also success stories from some of the same national programs I have run.

3) The day I entered this field my main goal was to help people get results and reach their goals with the most effective and efficient exercise and nutrition information available, and do be a beacon of understandable truth. To never let people take the easy road of quick fixes, and gimmicks that would be a waste of time and money. If something doesn’t work and I feel its a scam or not effective I will tell you it is and also why.

To The Day I Die I Will Continue To Preach Real Food and Real Exercise. I will have my clients and followers best interest in mind and NOT just how they can fill my wallet.

Your Fitness and Nutrition Coach,

David Modderman


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Reason 5) Eating Too Much

Eating excessive calories is probably the number one reason people are not losing weight. With the rise of fast foods and unhealthy foods everywhere we turn its no wonder that obesity has effected our population so much. It is said that Americans today eat 30% more than they did 20 year ago. Food is sold in bigger containers, and portions in restaurants have increased as well. When you eat more than your body burns these calories will most likely be stored as fat. The most effective way to treat overeating is to focus on eating less food but not starving your self. Focus on eating smaller portions, but also eating fewer calories. An easy way to do this is to eat smaller more frequent meals, and control the size of the portions you are getting. Not to mention getting less fat in your meals (which is higher in calories than protein and carbohydrates), and concentrate on getting leaner proteins, and more fruits and veggies. These natural foods will fill you up and be used efficiently for energy.

6) Not Eating Breakfast

If you want to really lose weight and keep it off you must eat breakfast. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day for many reasons. Studies show that people who skip breakfast are 4.5 times more likely to be overweight.

The average 8 hour of sleep burns 450 calories. You must try to eat within 60-90 minutes after waking. Adding breakfast is what starts your metabolism up and prepares it to burn the rest of the day. If you skip breakfast your metabolism slows down and your blood sugar drops. You will increase hunger, have less energy and most likely store fat. You will crave high sugar, high fat foods, and tend to crave calories late at night. A recent study from the Weight Control Registry out of those who lost at least 30 pounds and maintained it for at least one year ate breakfast every single morning.

Look For Part 4 Tomorrow!

Your Fitness and Nutrition Coach,

~David Modderman


 Why do you procrastinate and put things off? Is it pure laziness? Is it you are not serious about getting things done and getting up and moving?


For some people I truly believe the reason they procrastinate is fear. You are afraid you will fail. So if you don’t try you don’t fail. But if you don’t try you also will never succeed.


My biggest pet peeve as a Fitness Professional and Health Coach is someone who says they are going to do something then they don’t do it. We are all guilty of it. Even myself. There isn’t anyone out there that doesn’t procrastinate in some form.


But procrastination will kill your chances of ever being successful with your fitness goals.


It seems like almost everyday I hear someone say “I’m serious about this David” “I really am I need to do this”. “I am going to exercise 3 times a week and eat better” Then one week later they have stopped exercising all together and they have hit the fast food drive thru 3 times in 3 days!


Procrastination is holding so many people back! It is holding you back!


If I was paid a $1 every time someone told me they were going to start their workout on Monday, or next week I would be a rich man. I hear this very often “I will start doing this on Monday” Will you??


If you’re saying this to yourself “I will start on Monday” or “I will start tomorrow” you will NEVER reach your goals. Your dream will always be in the future that you will never reach, because it is always tomorrow.


You know what really drives me crazy when you procrastinate? You use it as an excuse to eat bad the rest of the day and you are constantly telling yourself you will be good tomorrow. Will you?


But what happens tomorrow? You use the same excuse! You just keeping saying to yourself “I’ll start tomorrow” but you never do.


“Putting off a hard thing makes it impossible”- George Horace Lorimar”


Tomorrow is never a good time to start. When is? RIGHT NOW!!!


I don’t care if you’re eating a bowl of ice cream right now! If you start thinking you will be good tomorrow you have already abandoned the commitment of eating well today.


•Stop thinking what am I going to do tomorrow and start thinking what am I going to do RIGHT NOW!


•The workouts, exercise programs and nutrition advice I can give you is the map you need to get to your desired destination, but it you keep putting off getting the map from me you will never get there. If you never learn how to read the map you will never get to where you want to go either. If I have already given you the map you MUST follow it everyday or you will be lost.


“Don’t wait: the time will never be ‘just right.’ Start were you stand, and work with whatever tools you may have at your command, and better tools will be found as you go along”– Napoleon Hill

If you want to stop procrastinating and take control please schedule your first session now!


Maybe it’s something you do not want to hear, but it’s something you NEED to hear. 

I’m here to help you but you have to let me and stop putting this off!

Just remember….. If I didnt care I wouldn’t bother posting this! 

Talk to ya later Procrastinater! :-)




















It is amazing to me how many people want the quick fix when it comes to weight loss and fitness.

It’s also amazing to me how trainers are so willing to give quick fix answers and send people on there way. I was at the Front Street Riverview center yesterday promoting the newest location and fitness studio for my newest affiliation

The whole day I had people coming up to me and saying “oh you’re a trainer “what is the best exercise to get rid of this or that?” They would then grab under there arm and point or grab their waist and squeeze. To my dismay I actually heard another personal trainer give a lady really bad advice. The lady asked how she could get rid of fat on her back and waist. I actually heard this trainer say “you need to do lat pull downs to target under your arms or back” and crunches to target your waist”.

To me this was bad advice that this lady would get nothing from. But wait isn’t this exercise advice true? Well yes maybe, you should do lat pulldowns to hit underneath your arms or back and crunches to target your waist…..but that’s not the point…….The point is will these exercise be enough to actually get rid of these areas?


These exercises will only target the muscle underneath but they will not reduce or shrink these areas alone. So being a hard headed person and making sure this lady at the very least walked a way with sound advice I had to chime in and give my two cents. I told her if she really wanted to see results in those areas then doing two exercises alone will not be enough. I told what she needed to do is to learn the proper balance of the right nutrition, resistance training and aerobic exercise.

That is the only true way to see long term success in those areas. As a trainer it is always easy to give someone a quick easy answer and send them on their way, but will this advice really help someone? Will these quick answers empower them to change there lives? I believe the answer to be NO.

There is no quick fix or easy answer for getting into shape and getting that body you have always wanted. It will take hard work, some inspiration and motivation and the right map.

My goal is to be not just a trainer with a quick easy answer but the Fitness Coach and Fitness Professional that will give you the advice that will make the difference in your life and your goals. I can give you the motivation, inspiration, and the right map to be successful you just have listen, work hard, and follow this map.

If you do then there is nothing that can stand in your way. I will see you all back here soon….. same place….and same time…well maybe not the same time….but I will be around J