Weight Loss vs. Fat Loss


Weight loss is always a New Year’s resolution in January……….

Come New Year most go on a low calorie diet and do cardio/aerobic exercise like crazy in hopes to see that number on the scale go down…..

Unfortunately, this is the wrong approach…….

Weight Loss on the almighty scale can consist of 3 things:

1) Water

2) Muscle

3) Fat

If you are not exercising and eating correctly most of your weight loss will consist of water and muscle…..

Water is temporary and meaningless yet shows up on the scale! But losing muscle will prevent your body from burning fat efficiently! If you are doing anything that’s causing you to lose muscle you are setting yourself up for long term failure…..and you will gain the weight back.

Diets and cardio are NOT the answer…….

The Right exercise and the Right Nutrition are!!

It’s about fat loss people not about weight loss….

Anyone can lose weight…but can YOU lose fat?

Your Fitness and Nutrition Coach,

~David Modderman

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